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Image Metadata Manager 1.0

See and change the metadata information of your pictures or photos with ease (See all)

Image files, such as pictures or photos, may include metadata information that most people normally ignore or do not even know it exists. This metadata is a set of fields with very detailed information about your images, including a description, key words, geographic information, information about the camera, just to name a few. Image Metadata Manager is an application that allows you to see and edit that information with ease.

Image Metadata Manager is an open-source project and, therefore, it is free. It offers you a very basic but pleasing main user interface, which is divided into three areas. On the left side, you can select the category under which the metadata you want to see or edit falls: description, keywords, date, location, shot, and photographer. The central panel is devoted to displaying the set of fields belonging to the category you have chosen, and the right side of the interface displays thumbnails of all the images you have opened, as the program can work with several image files at the same time. In case you have applied any changes to the information displayed, the program will warn you every time you try to close the application or the modified image without saving.

But the program does not limit itself to the mentioned tasks, it includes some additional tools. For example, it allows you to rotate your images by 90 degrees in any direction (either manually or automatically), perform an advanced metadata query that displays all the information available for the selected image in a text-based format, or rename all your photo collections automatically according to some metadata-related criteria that you yourself can define. You also have a map view module that displays the geographic location of the place where your photo was taken, based on its metadata information, making use of the Google Maps service; of course, you will need an active Internet connection for this feature to work properly.

A very important point to take into account is that this program only works with JPEG and TIFF images. It also requires you to have .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1 - or higher - installed in your system.

Undoubtedly, Image Metadata Manager is a very helpful tool for anyone who needs to query and/or change the metadata information stored in their pictures quickly, or perform any of the additional tasks mentioned. And all that for free!

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Basic but pleasant user interface
  • Allows you to work with several image files at the same time
  • Offers additional features


  • Only works with JPEG and TIFF image formats
  • Requires you to have .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 or higher installed on your system
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